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Virgin Rock Vegas

The Flintstones come to the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast

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The first Flintstones movie wasn't particularly good, and by all accounts the sequel was even worse, but that hasn't stopped publisher Virgin Interactive from gobbling up the rights to publish a game based on "Viva Rock Vegas". This will see "TV's most modern stone age family" coming to a PlayStation 2 or Dreamcast near you in March 2001, in the form of a cartoon-style Flintstones flavoured motor racing game .. but without the motors.

Yes, you too will now get to "put your foot to the floor .. literally!" as you charge around twelve race stages in a rock vehicle of dubious aerodynamic properties. There will be a grand total of fifteen characters to choose from, each "boasting specific driving skills and offensive capabilities", although it has to be said that we find Fred Flintstone pretty damn offensive at the best of times...

Source - press release

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