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Half-Life Xbox - and then some!

According to GameLoft, Xbox'ing Half-Life fans can rub their mucky paws together will glee!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Half-Life must be classed as the best game ever by now. With a still thriving mod community and as many boxed versions to its name as most games have sequels, it's difficult to accept that this is a game that was released at the end of 1998, nearly two years ago. But despite being rather antiquated by the technological standards of today, it has yet to grace a console system. The Dreamcast version, which looked spectacular when we saw it at ECTS, is still some way off, and aside from that nobody has managed to come up with anything, despite many eagerly anticipating announcements on a whole host of consoles. To round off the cliché; that is to say, until now. Because today, GameLoft have unearthed some information on an Xbox version of the game. According to them, after some prying they have uncovered news that the game will be radically overhauled in several key areas with improved graphics, enhanced AI and perhaps most intriguing, a new physics engine courtesy of Havok, which will mimic real-life. It will most certainly be interesting to see how this works in practice.

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