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Lakeside have Flip'ed

Respite for shopaholics thanks to a new gaming nursery service for boyfriends and husbands. Oh, and children, natch

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

There are times in every woman's life when she needs to be on her own, none more so than when the integrity of the Christmas shopping is in jeopardy! It's with this in mind that the Lakeside Shopping Centre have opened a wired-up crèche service for the festive season called simply "The Crèche". The service, to be run by Flipside, a new online gaming service and according to the press release, some 40 titles will be available under the watchful eye of the usual babysitting staffers, including Wordox, which was nominated for an award at E3 earlier this year, . A refreshing move in the right direction, we thought, although if it were us, there would be less educational titles and a few more PCs running Quake 3 and Counter-Strike. Breed 'em young!

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