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New Dreamcast Deals

Not up for Sony's bundle of joy? How about something in the slightly less expensive category then?

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If you don't own a PlayStation 2 and you don't own a Dreamcast, Sega are out today to try and convince you to go against the grain and opt for one of its new offers instead of rival Sony's. Their latest offerings include tantalising festive deals from the likes of HMV, Dixons, EB, Game, Woolworths, Comet and Gameplay. Deals range from £150 to £170 and include as many as a couple of games (quite a killer deal for the price), selected from a range of recent titles like Tomb Raider Chronicles (out today), MSR and older classics like Sonic Adventure. And of course a free copy of ChuChu Rocket! Offer of the week is from Toys 'R' Us, and costs £250. It really has to be seen to be believed. Not only do you get a Dreamcast, ChuChu Rocket and Sonic Adventure, but also a DVD of Lethal Weapon 3 and a DVD player. Talk about sale of the century. Sure beats the hell out of a little black box with no frills for £300, wouldn't you say? Well if you do say that, beat your way over to the respective Toys 'R' Us webpage and snag yourself this wonderful opportunity.

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