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Console Releases

Not convinced the opening night's lineup of PS2 games is for you? Just your luck, we have news on this and next week's releases on PS2, DC, PSX, N64 and GameBoy!

If you've bought your PS2 today but aren't impressed with much outside of SSX (like most of the EuroGamer editorial staff who actually have consoles) then you will be pleased to learn that next week not only heralds the release of Swing Away Golf, but also Digital Leisure's Dragon's Lair. Also due out are Sega GT and Shenmue on the Dreamcast, two games set to steal the new console's thunder in one fell swoop. Looking at this week, we've got the much-spoken-about Dino Crisis 2 on the PlayStation, and GameBoy fans can look forward to a racing weekend with Micro Machines V3 and TOCA. We've already mentioned Tomb Raider Chronicles today, but the Dreamcast also manages to pull in F1 World Grand Prix 2 and Super Runabout. Tomb Raider Chronicles is the much awaited sequel of sequels to Tomb Raider, where you take on the guise of Lara Croft as you run around in her past adventures as they are being told by her friends after her memorial service. Is the little lass dead or alive? We don't know, but if you've long fanced the chance to check out Eidos' biggest earner in spandex and pigtails amongst other things, this is presumably the opportunity you've been looking for. The bad news for people this week who have not managed to secure a PlayStation 2 though, is that next the earliest you can expect yours in the second allocation is in two week's time, and possibly anything up for four weeks.