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Gift for Christmas

Cryo's oddball 3D platform set for a December release

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Cryo have sent word that their decidely strange 3D platform game "Gift" has been delayed, but fear not - this Gift could still show up under a Christmas tree near you, as the new release date is December 1st. Featuring a series of themed levels inspired by computer games and movies from "Titanic" to "Tomb Raider", your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to recover seven garden gnomes, each modelled on one of the seven deadly sins. Having assembled your seven dwarves, you can rescue the buxom Lolita Globo, who is suffering from a Snow White complex. We told you it was a bit odd...

Meanwhile another Cryo game, "Money Mad", is now due on Friday 24th November. Featuring a mixture of Monopoly and management sim style gameplay, cartoonish board game graphics, and characters ranging from an old granny to a mafia boss, it looks like another oddball title for the French publisher. Finally there is "Hellboy", a third person action-adventure game starring the eponymous anti-hero who is apparently the result of devious Nazi experiments. There must be something in the water... For all the latest release information, check EuroGamer's comprehensive UK release date list, tracking over a hundred games due for release over the next year.

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