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Empire picks up Razorworks

British publisher buys the developer behind Enemy Engaged

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British publisher Empire Interactive, who are currently lambing it up with bizarre ovine puzzle game "Sheep", have announced that they have bought out Razorworks. Founded in 1996, Razorworks a pair of helicopter sims for Empire under the "Enemy Engaged" title, and are currently hard at work bringing promising motor racing sim "World Sports Cars" to the PlayStation 2 for the year 2001.

"We plan to expand our in-house development so that we are both owning and controlling the content that the company publishes", explained Empire CEO Ian Higgins. "The acquisition of Razorworks is part of this strategy, and brings to Empire an excellent team of developers who will help us to develop new titles, grow our business, and leverage our existing marketing and sales infrastructures."

Which is nice.

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