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The Michael Jordan of pro-gaming?

Fatality talks about getting rich from playing games, and what the future may hold for him

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In the ever growing sport of professional gaming, Johnathan "Fatality" Wendel is the most successful competitor in the world right now. In the last twelve months he has won several tournaments, including the Razer-CPL event, the BattleTop Universal Challenge, and the World Cyber Games Challenge. He's only been beaten once this year in a major tournament, has taken home over $80,000 in prize money, and is likely to pick up even more at the Babbages CPL event in Dallas next month.

"Right now [I'm] making $100,000 a year in gaming", Fatality told Challenge-AU in a recent interview. "With next year's predictions I should make approximately $200,000, so right now I'm working very hard to make a living in gaming, and do my best to win more tournaments to come."

So what does the future hold for pro-gaming's latest star? "Making this kind of money from gaming and so on, I might be able to retire when I'm 25 years old and play golf every day, live off interest from stocks or mutual funds. But I will probably not retire from gaming for a long time. I think, if gaming gets bigger and bigger in the future, I could definitely become a very good coach and run my own web site. I don't see why I couldn't stay in the gaming community for the reputation, I would be like Michael Jordan [is] to Basketball if gaming continues to grow."

Source - Challenge AU

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