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Codemasters goes rally driving

Insane is still due next week, while Colin McRae 2.0 slips a week

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Codemasters will be kicking up a cloud of gravel this Christmas with a pair of fast paced driving games. First off the marks is 4x4 off-road racer "Insane", due on November 24th. Although the game promises realistic handling for all of its vehicles, it's more of an arcade racer at heart, with the focus on adrenaline-pumping action rather than sim-like realism.

And if you live in the UK and are playing the latest demo of the game (which can be downloaded at the Codemasters website) you could win a trip to Arizona. Go to the "features" item in the single player menu, select competition, and then "enter access code". Type in YAYNBGM5BVW and the challenge will begin. Score a good result in the Pathfinder Time Trial races and you will be given a code which you can then use at this page to submit your result. The players with the best times at the end of the year will go into a play-off. Are you still with me?

Somewhat more serious is eagerly awaited rally sim "Colin McRae 2.0", which has already proven a hit on the PlayStation. Soon PC owners will be able to get hold of an enhanced version of the game for our beloved beige boxes, although the game's release has been pushed back a week to December 8th. Still, it should appear in time to stuff into stockings around the country come Christmas Eve...

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