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The Sky Is Falling

Latest Asheron's Call event kicks off along with new contests

Massively multiplayer fantasy role-playing game "Asheron's Call" celebrates its first anniversary this month with another new event, "Should The Stars Fall". A new chain of islands has been discovered, home to two previously unknown settlements, two new monsters, and lots of other dangerous creatures to fight. And as if all that isn't enough, a new threat is wandering the land of Dereth, "a very grave evil" which is "primordial to the world itself".

Meanwhile Microsoft have launched a new competition and a "tell-a-friend" referral program for existing subscribers. Simply persuade your friends to get the game and you will get a free month's play for each one who registers, up to a maximum of three months. The offer is open until January 8th 2001, and you can find the full details here. If you don't have any friends, or if they all play Asheron's Call already, then you'll want to check out the Dream Event competition instead. All you need to do is write a scenario for one of the game's monthly events in 500 words or less, and enter it at one of the five fan sites which are taking part in the competition. The overall winner of the competition will win an entire year's subscription to the game, with runners up prizes also on offer.

Source - Asheron's Call website

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