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The GameCube exposed, literally

Our American brethren are examining the innards of Nintendo's little 'Cube

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Image credit: Eurogamer

In a story based upon Nikkei Electronics Asia's recent write-up of the Nintendo GameCube's internal architecture, IGN have compiled an English-language version of the original article. The details focus upon the Flipper LSI and its ArtX graphics chipset, the 3.1Mb of embedded 1T-RAM cache, the DSP sound system (similar to the recent Imagination Technologies sound card chipset) and also information on the GameCube's main system memory. Of most interest is the news that the Flipper LSI will be a densely packed 51 million transistor beast, which indicates that it will be more complex in construction than the PS2's Emotion Engine, but not necessarily as Byzantine as its sister-component in Microsoft's Xbox.

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