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Lap fragging with NVIDIA

NVIDIA unveils GeForce based graphics card for laptop computers

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The big Comdex electronics trade show is now underway in Las Vegas, and a veritable flood of new product launches are starting to emerge as computer hardware companies unveil their latest doohickeys. One of the biggest announcements so far is probably NVIDIA's long awaited entry into the laptop market - the "GeForce 2 Go", which the company are describing as the "world's first mobile GPU". Although the announcement doesn't come as any surprise (we've known for some time that NVIDIA were planning a mobile solution), we do at least now know all the gory details...

The new graphics chip shifts 17 million polygons and 286 megapixels per second, which is peanuts compared to what the desktop GeForce 2 cards can achieve, but in a market which is still dominated by the likes of ATI's under-performing Rage Mobility chips it is certainly impressive. The chip also comes with anything up to 32Mb of DDR memory, which is rather a lot by mobile standards. The first laptops using the new GeForce 2 Go are likely to be available early next year from Toshiba, with the graphics chip apparently already in full production.

Source - Press Release

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