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Beyond The Boomslang

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer talk about their plans for the future

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Razer broke into the hardcore gaming scene recently with their Boomslang mouse, which featured above average sampling accuracy and a rather .. unique design. The bizarre shape of the mouse means that it isn't for everyone though, and Razer have a new mouse called the Mamba in the pipeline, based on feedback from Boomslang users and extensive testing with professional gamers. Due for release next summer, "the Mamba will be lighter and more maneuverable than the Boomslang" according to general manager Robert Krakoff, aka Razerguy.

"From an ergonomic and design standpoint it will be a more standard form, and that should make it faster to adapt to. It will be designed for the player whose style is more aggressive, melee style, hand-to-hand combat, opposed to the Boomslang's heavier, more stable, long-range sniper weapon. We did not create the Mamba to replace the Boomslang. We hope that they can exist together and find a home on team play where specific defensive and offensive assignments are utilized."

And that's not all they have planned - Razer are also working on a headphone set specially designed for gamers, expected early next year. "We began with some unique ideas of how to add some unique technology to improve sound quality, and have spent the last month testing form and comfort. When gamers wear headphones up to 6 to 8 hours a day, the size, shape and swivel capability of the ear piece becomes ultra critical."

Hopefully we should have more details soon, but if the headphones are half as innovative as the Boomslang they should be well worth a look...

Source - XSReality

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