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Rune 2

Human Head talk about plans for a sequel to their third person Viking action game

When the Unreal-engined Viking action game "Rune" was released recently, it fell slightly short of our high expectations. The graphics were beautiful, but the combat was rather hit-and-miss, and the opening levels were rather repetitive, mostly thanks to a serious lack of variety in the monsters you were facing. In a recent online chat session, developers Human Head admitted that "we probably should have spent more time balancing the early levels with different types of monsters, but didn't have the time due to deadline pressures".

Although it was flawed, Rune was still a very entertaining game though, and plans are now afoot to develop a sequel. "There is definitely a lot of interest here in continuing the Rune story - it has been roughed out, and was when we first started Rune". Quite where the story will go from the first game's ending remains to be seen, and it's not clear when we will get to see the result. "We are already collecting a lot of ideas for Rune 2, though I can't say when it will be made - we have a few other projects in the works beforehand". And those are? "We can't say what they are yet, publicly at least".

On the bright side it seems that Human Head have learnt from the few mistakes they made in their debut game, and one of the developers confirmed that there will "definitely [be] more creatures next time around". Which is good news for skeleton haters everywhere...

Source - chat log

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