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Living It Up

Ragnar Tornquist on the celebrity life-style of game developers

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The stunning adventure game "The Longest Journey" has been available across Europe for some time now, but the game's American release has rekindled interest in the title. But how has the critical and (for an adventure game) commercial success of the game changed the lives of its developers?

"Aside from the two Ferraris, the Playboy Mansion parties, the villa on the Riviera, and not being able to go to the store without being pestered by nubile groupies? Hasn't affected me at all", joked writer and producer Ragnar Tornquist, before admitting the sad truth. "I don't even have one Ferrari, I can't afford a villa, the post office probably stole my invitation to the Playboy Mansion, and I haven't heard from any groupies yet. Come to think of it, where are the groupies? They should have been here by now, shouldn't they? Maybe they took a wrong turn somewhere… To be perfectly honest, my life hasn't changed a whole lot since I wrapped up work on TLJ. Is that normal?"


Source - GameSpy

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