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Terrorise Europe - sign up tomorrow

Registration for the Counter-Strike tournament at the first CPL Europe event opens tomorrow

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Image credit: Eurogamer

have announced that the Counter-Strike teamplay tournament at their debut event in the German city of Köln will be sponsored by Razer, creators of the Boomslang gaming mouse. Prize money for the tournament will total 10,000 euros, with 32 teams of 5 players taking part. Ten of those teams have already qualified from various events over the last few months, but the other 22 slots are open on a first-come first-serve basis, and registration for these open slots will begin tomorrow. For the full details, check the CPL Europe website.

Update : CPL Europe's Managing Director Ralf "Griff" Reichert contacted us soon after this story was posted to let us know that, due to technical difficulties, registrations for the Cologne event will now be delayed until the afternoon of Friday November 17th. Details of the prizes and rules for the event's Quake 3 competition should be released by then as well. Stay tuned!

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