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PC Releases

Sports fans have a great start to the weekend, with the release of Links 2001 and FIFA 2001 amongst other games

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Once again it's been a big week for new releases on the PC as the industry builds itself up into a frenzy in the final countdown to the festive season. The biggest new arrival was probably the latest Electronic Arts soccer sim, "FIFA 2001", which is sure to be a massive hit regardless of what (if anything) has changed since "FIFA 2000"... Meanwhile for those of you who prefer your sports to be of the extreme variety, THQ "MTV Sports Skateboarding" is out. If you want something a little more sedate, then Microsoft's "Links 2001" golf sim might be more up your street. Finally, escaping from the glut of new sports games, Cryo's adventure game "Egypt II" is now available, bundled with one of their older titles, "Aztec".

Source - Nemesis

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