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Thumbs bandaged

BBC "indefinitely postpones" their planned computer games TV series "Bleeding Thumbs"

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Television series about computer games have traditionally been rather hit or miss, and even the relatively successful ones have tended to enjoy a love / hate relationship with their target audience - witness "Bits". Sadly it looks like the BBC's innovative new series "Bleeding Thumbs" isn't even going to be given the opportunity to tank gracefully, with a researcher who had worked on the show revealing that "Bleeding Thumbs has been postponed indefinitely with the series being put on hold".

Bleeding Thumbs had been intended to feature computer games competitions each week, building up to a celebrity shoot-out on a customised version of Epic's first person shooter "Unreal Tournament" at the end of each episode. Now it looks like all that work has gone to waste, as the show is unlikely to see the light of day if the reports are true. Leaving us with GamePlay's extended advertorial "Blam!!!" on Sky One. Such is life.

Source - Barrysworld

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