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Ground Control wins an EMMA

Sweden's Massive Entertainment pick up the "best strategy game" gong at the EMMAs

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Swedish developers Massive Entertainment added another trophy to their cabinet this week, winning in the "best strategy game" category at the recent EMMA Awards in Holland. The EMMAs are intended to "recognise excellence in digital media content creation", and Massive's stunning 3D real-time strategy game "Ground Control" was perhaps the obvious choice, with the jury apparently picking out the game for its "great interface, impressive 3D graphics and good lighting effects, as well as for its fantastic ability to zoom in and out of the action". There's also a rather good game under all that eye candy, but it seems they weren't too interested in that. If you want to read some more of Sierra's back-patting, as well as a not-so-cunningly disguised advert for the soon-to-be-released add-on "Dark Conspiracy", read the official press release!

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