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The Professional

TPF runs a competition which you quite literally can't lose

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Image credit: Eurogamer

London gaming venue The Playing Fields have announced what they claim is the world's first true professional gaming event, sponsored by AMD and PC Zone and taking place on Sunday December 3rd. How is it different from all the other pro-gaming events that have taken place over the last few years? Well, everyone who takes part in this competition is guaranteed to win a cash prize, making the event more like other professional sports tournaments, while normally you need to get through at least a couple of rounds at a pro-gaming event to get any money.

The prizes aren't massive, ranging from £30 for simply taking part up to £750 for winning this Quake 3 tournament, but it also acts as the UK qualifier for the $100,000 Babbages-CPL event taking place in Dallas next month. A total of 64 people will be taking part in the qualifier, but the first 20 places are invitational, going to the creme de la creme of British gaming, and another 20 places are reserved for people who have been to previous CPL qualifier events in the UK, so that leaves just 24 places open for the rest of us. Entry will set you back £20, but given that you are guaranteed to win at least £30 if you bother to turn up, you really can't lose. If you fancy your chances (or even if you don't!) head over to the information page to find out more.

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