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Gunlok goes gold

Rebellion's stealthy new 3D action game is ready to roll

Rebellion are probably best known for their scary first person shooter "Aliens vs Predator", but all that could change with the release of stealthy 3D action game "Gunlok", published in the UK by Virgin Interactive. The game was certainly looking very impressive at the ECTS 2000 trade show in London just a couple of months ago, and now we have good news for all of you who were looking forward to the game - Virgin's PR agency Bastion has just informed us that Gunlok has "gone gold". This means that the game is complete and has been sent off for duplication, with the UK release planned for November 17th. No US publisher or release date has been announced yet, but it should apparently "follow shortly after" the game's UK release. In the meantime, we have no less than 18 new screenshots of the game for you, courtesy of Simon and the folks at Bastion.