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Half-Life : Dreamcast delayed until 2001

Sierra want to get it right first time for console release

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One of the most eagerly anticipated Dreamcast titles in the pipeline at the moment is the console port of "Half-Life", which proved to be a massive hit on the PC when it was first released a couple of years ago. The Dreamcast port, which boasts more detailed character models, enhanced weapons, and a whole new bonus single player mission called "Blue Shift", was shaping up to be one of the big console hits of the festive season...

But now Sierra have announced that the game's release (in Europe at least) will be delayed until early 2001. "Sierra Studios wants to ensure that gamers will receive the most exhilarating experience possible on the Dreamcast", according to the press release. It goes on to put a silver lining on the big dark cloud by pointing out that "releasing the game early next year will allow the developers to polish all aspects of the game and to fine-tune gameplay". Which is nice.

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