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DYNE Climaxes

BritSoft developers Climax announce their new multi-platform DYNE technology

British developers Climax have announced the creation of a dedicated "Vehicle Dynamics Engineering department", who will be working on the company's new DYNE technology, intended to "aid in the development of ultra realistic motor vehicles in racing videogames". DYNE includes a physics engine to control motion and collision detection and response, a graphics engine with curved surface support and other advanced features, and a "vehicle dynamics module" to cover everything from torque curves and gear ratios to suspension and wheelbase specifications. With support for PC, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast and Xbox already in the bag, and Climax's Brighton studio using the technology in "Mille Miglia" and other titles, we will no doubt be hearing more about this one in future. In the meantime, read the press release for the full story.

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