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Xbox 'blueprint' leaked

It may look like a VCR, but it's actually a console, and a nicely expandable one at that

Apparently this image, courtesy of, is an early sketch (done in MS Paint no doubt) of the Xbox's exterior design. It looks surprisingly like a VCR or a "normal" console with its desktop design and central DVD drive. The lower access point for additional hard-disk storage devices is an interesting touch, and would fall in line with what was being said last month about larger hard-drive capacities as an optional extra. The multitude of extra outputs on the back is also an eye-catcher, with support for VGA, HDTV, S-Video (in and out) as well as proper AV support. The presence of 4 USB ports is also a giveaway as to how Microsoft may intend to offer peripheral controllers on top of the four front-mounted controller ports. It may be a little early to judge it (and from such a poorly drawn schematic), but the power connect almost looks the right shape for an ATX power cable. Take a look at the image for yourself to get a better picture of things to come. Other interesting points mentioned on the main website include reference to the colour scheme (chrome, in this case, with other colours to follow).

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