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No-One confirming movie rumours

But then nobody is denying that Fox are planning to turn "No-One Lives Forever" into a movie either...

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On Tuesday we reported on rumours that Monolith's first person shooter "No-One Lives Forever" was going to be turned into a movie by Fox, with Liz Hurley being head-hunted for the lead role of Cate Archer, the sassy secret agent from the game. Since then we've been trying to get to the bottom of the story, but with limited success, as nobody seems to be willing to either confirm or deny the rumours...

Monolith's PR co-ordinator Dan Miller wouldn't comment at all, but put us in touch with Fox Interactive's Karen Mangon, who helpfully told us that "the No-One Lives Forever movie rumor is, in fact, just that - a rumor". Although that doesn't mean that it isn't true, as Karen went on to tell us that "Fox Interactive, as part of a major studio company, is always looking at possible film / story ideas", and that she didn't know for sure whether or not a No-One Lives Forever movie has been given the greenlight. Meanwhile the lovely Sonia O'Keeffe from Fox Interactive's UK PR agency Bastion would only tell us that "it's strictly "no comment" at this stage".

So the answer is .. we really don't know yet whether or not there's any truth to the rumours. But it's a nice story, don't ya think?

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