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Latest Virgin release dates

All change for Virgin as "Gunlok" loses target, "Screamer 4x4" slides off track, "Giants" stomps away into the distance, and "Pizza Connection 2" goes cold...

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December is starting to look busy for Virgin Interactive, with several titles relocating to the Christmas season in their latest UK release schedule. The promising looking stealthy action game "Gunlok" has been pushed back a week to December 1st, while off-road racer "Screamer 4x4" joins it after slipping from a planned November 10th release. "Heist" drops back a week to December 8th, while "Pizza Connection 2" is starting to look rather soggy after another two week delay - it's now due for delivery on December 15th, where it is joined by "Stunt GP" and "European Super League".

Paleolithic real-time strategy game "Original War" falls back yet again as well, this time to December 22nd, although we wouldn't be surprised to see it slip again, as nobody else is releasing anything during the two weeks over Christmas and the New Year. Finally, 3D role-playing strategy game "Magic & Mayhem : The Art of Magic" has been delayed by another two months to March 2001. The latest beta version we received of the game looked very promising, but it clearly needed a lot of work doing on it still, and the delay should help to make it a better game at the end of the day.

It's not just Virgin's in-house games which are being delayed either - some of Interplay's key titles which are distributed in the UK by Virgin are slipping as well. "Starfleet Command 2" boldly goes to December 15th, while the impressive looking action-strategy game "Giants" won't make it out this year at all - it's now due the first week of January 2001. Meanwhile the Icewind Dale add-on "Heart of Winter" (not to be confused with "Winter's Heart", the latest installment in Robert Jordan's long-winded fantasy epic "The Wheel of Time") has been pushed back a month to February 2001, and we're disappointed to see that the eagerly anticipated DVD edition of "Baldur's Gate 2" has been delayed until next February as well.

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