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Latest 3DO release dates

They say people don't believe in Heroes anymore. Given that almost every game on the 3DO release schedule with the word "hero" in the title has slipped, we're not surprised...

It's a bad week for would-be heroes everywhere, as 3DO's latest release schedule reveals a whole slew of games with the word "hero" in the title slipping. First up is "Heroes of Might & Magic Chronicles", with the first two installments of the episodic turn-based strategy game falling back two weeks to November 17th, and the third and fourth episodes now not due until January 12th 2001!

If you prefer your heroes to be of the plastic variety, "Army Men : Sarge's Heroes" has also been pushed back. We had been expecting it to have been released by now, but the latest word is to expect it on November 24th. If it's anything like the last few Army Men games though, we shouldn't be too upset about the delay... For all the latest UK release information, check EuroGamer's comprehensive UK release date list.