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Console Releases

Apparently it occurred to someone to release something worthwhile this week

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Grand Theft Auto on the GameBoy was a big disappointment. It had lacklustre controls, a shoddy interface and was poorly executed in general. At the end of the day, it wasn't really fit to bear the name GTA, which beforehand had stood for originality and entertainment. The sequel has been upon us for some time now but it's only this week that GBC fans finally get their mits on it. Early impressions look quite favourable, so if you're looking for some hi-octane car action that one might make a good purchase. Nintendo 64 owners have a rare occasion to lift their chins up a bit too, with the release of what is sure to become known as the seminal Mario Tennis. Having sampled this gem of a game at ECTS, this writer can confirm just what a treat it is. If you thought Sega were the only ones who could do something decent with tennis, think again. Of course, this weekend wouldn't be anywhere near as enjoyable without some form of PlayStation release. With only three weeks now remaining until the release of its big brother the PS2, developers must be getting a little hot under the collar trying to get their last few PSX games out of the door. After the release of the PS2 things look a little uncertain for the format. The PSOne has been selling well according to Sony's own figures, but nonetheless, the emphasis seems to be on before, rather than after, and to this end several PSX games make their way onto the gaming stage this week. The unimaginatively titled Incredible Crisis from Virgin will be on store shelves, as will be the Codies' Prince Naseem Boxing, along with 3DO's WOL: Thunder Tanks. Joining them will also be the heavily advertised This is Football 2 from Sony. The original, which received cries of "No it isn't" from many quarters, didn't do so well, and Sony are pinning hopes on something of a reprieve in this sequel. And two weeks after its PlayStation counterpart went on release, Dreamcast owners finally get hold of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. The PlayStation version was released to critical acclaim and the DC version looks like it good be even better. But of course, the big news this weekend is the release of M-SR, or Metropolis Street Racer. After a bit of a false start the other week, it looks as if the game is actually on store shelves this week. We've had a copy for about a week now, and we can confirm, unofficially pending review, that it is truly a killer app for Sega.

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