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ADSHell not as widespread as BT had thought

Despite claims from the company earlier this year that 75% of punters had received the wrong drivers for their USB modems, they hadn't

BT came out earlier this week and claimed that nearly 75% of users had the wrong drivers for their USB ADSL modems, a figure which has since been downsized to close to 25%. The mix-up in drivers seems to have occurred at Alcatel, the modem manufacturer) rather than at BT Openworld, the provider of the service, but users care not for these pathetic excuses, they want results. The company's service line was running a message last night claiming that faulty drivers were responsible for the lack of service, and since then the company has produced the correct drivers, although quite how users with no Internet service are expected to download these is beyond us. The drivers can be downloaded from here, despite the telco actually posting the wrong link earlier. The official line is that this problem was due to a "logistical issue within Alcatel", not just a competance issue at BT Openworld.

Source - The Register