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World War 3 breaks out in Berlin

The new Panzer General 3 patch not only fixes the original's bugs, but also adds some fun new "what if" scenarios

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At the end of the Second World War, America's General Patton wanted to keep rolling right on into Russia to crush the communist threat. His bosses back in Washington decided this wasn't a great idea though, and instead of facing another devestating war across central Europe we had half a century of "cold war". SSI aren't about to let a little thing like history get in the way of a great game though, and so the new patch for their 3D wargame "Panzer General III : Scorched Earth" includes five hypothetical missions which see Patton's 3rd Army trying to liberate eastern Europe from the Soviets.

The patch also fixes all of the problems which we had with the game, including missing text for some mission briefings and scenario descriptions, as well as bizarre scripting problems. One mission had an unhealthy tendency to dump you to Windows if you moved your cursor over a particular hex on the battlefield, while others ended abruptly with a "Loss" screen when a particular unit got killed or secondary objective captured. Needless to say these problems were annoying at best, and often made the game's single player campaigns near impossible to complete.

If you own the game then we strongly recommend that that you download the patch immediately - at just 1.4Mb it will only take a few seconds, and it will save you no end of grief. And if you haven't bought the game yet, this is another good reason to do so!

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