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Z2 steels itself for a new title

After weeks of deliberations, the Bitmap Brothers have finally picked the new name for their real-time strategy sequel "Z2"...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

For the last few weeks veteran Britsoft developers the Bitmap Brothers have been racking their brains, trying to come up with a new title for their 3D real-time strategy sequel "Z2". And now all that pondering is over, with the new title confirmed as "Z : Steel Soldiers". Due for release through new British publisher Eon Digital in the spring of 2001, the sequel moves the action 500 years further into the future and features a brand new 3D engine to replace the 2D sprites of the original. The Bitmap Brothers are describing the game as "arcade strategy", with the focus on fast-paced action and capturing terrain for strategic and resource gathering purposes. Hopefully we should have a clearer idea of exactly what they're up to soon... In the meantime, read the press release to find out more.

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