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Midas touch for PlayStation 2

Midas announce their second PlayStation 2 title, due January 2001

British publisher Midas have announced that, having scooped the European development and distribution rights to Japanese PlayStation 2 hit "Dynasty Warriors 2", they will also now be publishing "Robot Warlords" on this side of the pond. Developed by another Japanese company, DAZZ, Robot Warlords is a strategic mecha combat game which sees you controlling a force of giant robots trying to prevent a coup d'etat in modern Tokyo. With customisable mechas, a fully spinny-rotatey™ 3D graphics engine and a colourful rendition of Tokyo city for you to stomp around in causing mayhem, it looks like it could be another interesting PS2 game from Midas to give us a welcome breather from the endless succession of beat 'em ups, motor racing games and sports sims... For the full scoop, read the press release.