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No-One goes to the movies?

Rumours emerge that Monolith's first person shooter "No-One Lives Forever" may become a movie

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The relationship between the movie and gaming industries has got closer and closer recently, with most hit movies (and a fair few flops as well) spawning tie-in computer games, and several computer games being turned into movies. Generally the result has been disappointing though. The only good movie tie-in games we can think of that have been released recently are "Goldeneye" and "Heavy Metal : FAKK2", while movies of computer games include such forgettable tripe as "Street Fighter", "Mortal Kombat" and "Super Mario Brothers". Other projects have simply vanished without a trace - the "Titan AE" computer game was cancelled after the movie flopped in America, and plans to turn "Doom" and "Duke Nukem" into movies have apparently long since fallen by the wayside.

The latest game to emerge as a candidate to be turned into a multi-million dollar flop movie is "No-One Lives Forever", the kitsch first person shooter from Monolith which features the exploits of cat-suit wearing secret agent Cate Archer. According to an unconfirmed rumour, the game's publisher Fox Interactive have "been discussing [turning the game into a movie] for ages, since the game was first commissioned".

"The original idea was to get Mitzi Martin to play the lead, as she does in the game. But, obviously, the commercial-heads within Fox don't see Mitzi as a big enough 'name'. However, this week the project has been resurrected - all thanks to a certain Liz Hurley's resurgence in popularity since her well-received performance in Bedazzled, plus the fact she's been splashed all over the front pages with her new boyfriend. As she was the original Austin Powers girl, the fit here is perfect - the game has a sassy female lead, and you can see Hurley in the red and white leather catsuit worn by the main character in the game. The word inside Fox is that Liz has the script and is currently mulling it over. I know Fox will bend over backwards to get her to sign."

An interesting image... How much truth there is to these rumours remains to be seen, and Bastion (Fox Interactive's UK PR agents) have told us that "it's strictly 'no comment' at this stage", but as soon as we hear more either way we'll let you know.

Source - Dark Horizons

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