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Eidos picks up a pair of gongs

British publisher grabs two BAFTA awards for "Deus Ex" and "Sydney 2000"

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Eidos are celebrating today after winning two BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards. Popular first person role-playing game "Deus Ex" walked away with the "PC Game Of The Year" trophy. Although the game has had limited success in the USA despite rave reviews, here in Europe the game topped the charts and gave troubled developer Ion Storm its first real hit after triple-A duds "Dominion" and "Daikatana". Meanwhile the official Olympics sim "Sydney 2000" won the "Sports Game Of The Year" award.

Eidos chairman Ian Livingstone took the opportunity to beat the drum for the British publisher, saying that receiving the awards "confirms our belief in the unique creativity of our development studios, and the strength of our portfolio of products moving forward". Just days earlier Eidos had revealed that it had turned down approaches from another company (thought to be French publishing giant Infogrames) which was interested in buying them out. The strength of that portfolio of future titles could be all that stands between Eidos and a hostile take-over, as recent poor results have seen the company's share price plummeting...

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