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3dfx want to take you to the movies

Get free cinema tickets with your 3D graphics card

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Image credit: Eurogamer

3dfx have today announced a bizarre tie-in with UCI cinemas, which will see anybody buying a Voodoo 4 or Voodoo 5 graphics card from certain stores before November 20th receiving at least six "two for one" vouchers. These will allow them to get in free to see any movie at 38 UCI cinemas across the UK, as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

"In the past, graphics card manufacturers have been quite unimaginative when it comes to offering consumer sales incentives, so we are very pleased to have broken the mould by working with the team at UCI", regional 3dfx marketing manager Peter Griffin is quoted as saying. To take advantage of the offer you will need to buy one of the appropriate range of graphics cards from any of the following stores - Dixons, PC World, Tempo, Electronics Boutique, or Game. For full details, read the press release.

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