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Ballsnatchers send a Shockwave through Clusterball

Sign up for the world's first teamplay tournament for the online action-sports game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Mixing elements from action games, future sports and flight sims, Daydream Software's "Clusterball" is certainly rather different from your run of the mill online role-playing games and first person shooters. Intended to be resistent to the effects of lag while still offering fast-paced gameplay, the basic version of the game can be downloaded and played for free, with several additional maps (known as venues) available for purchase.

Now the game's official fan site, the delicately named Ballsnatchers, are running the first teamplay tournament for the game - Shockwave 2000. Taking place across five Clusterball venues, the tournament will see players grouping themselves together into teams of four and then battling it out over the coming weeks. You've got until November 5th to find yourself a clan and sign up for the competition, so if you fancy your chances head over to the Shockwave 2000 webpage to find out more.

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