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ZX Spectrum resurrected

New games console for retro gaming fanatics unearthed, now available in a budget bin near you

Our more .. mature readers may recall the old ZX Spectrum with fond memories, right down to its massive 16k of memory (later upgraded to 128k!), its gorgeous 8 colour graphics, and that dodgy black rubber keyboard. Now the twenty year old home computer is apparently back from beyond the grave, resurrected in the form of a budget console system. The offending item was spotted by the folks from British computing site The Register at Springfields, which they describe as a "giant Poundstretcher style warehouse of crap" in Wolverhampton.

Going by the name of "MegaJoy 2000", it looks suspiciously like a Nintendo 64 gamepad on the outside. This gizmo plugs straight into your TV and the mains though, and comes with no less than 36 old school Spectrum games built into its tiny frame, including classics like Tank, Tetris and Macross. For just under £10 you can't really complain, so if you're finding it hard to get hold of a PlayStation 2 to give your kids for Christmas, you could give them a MegaJoy 2000 instead, and then try explaining the joys of retro gaming, and that this really is what state-of-the-art computer games looked like back in the 1980s. Expect your kids to have embedded the gadget in your lifeless body by Boxing Day though...

Source - The Register

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