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Dark Fortresses

Unreal co-developers Digital Extremes talk about their new massively multiplayer game, Dark Sector

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Although the engines that powered Unreal and Unreal Tournament were designed by Epic, not all of the content seen in the games was produced in-house. Now the talented folks at Unreal co-developers Digital Extremes are hard at work on their own game using the latest version of Epic's engine - an ambitious online first person shooter called "Dark Sector", which looks set to make a refreshing change from the fantasy worlds and one-click combat of most massively multiplayer titles.

"Dark Sector will have many modes integrated into the main game", explains level designer Pancho Eekels. "An example would be the resource fortresses all over the solar system, [which] can be controlled at any time by clans. This aspect of Dark Sector will resemble Assault [mode] in Unreal Tournament. Of course all these game modes will blend together so that it becomes the essence and the game world of Dark Sector."

It's not all about first person shooting and role-playing style character development either, as the game will also include a space combat element. "There are great aspects of Dark Sector's space combat that no other games to date have explored to the extend that we have planned", Pancho revealed. "Something we are keeping under wraps for the time being". Hopefully we should find out more soon though, as Digital Extremes are currently planning to showcase the game at the big E3 trade show in Los Angeles next spring...

Source - Voodoo Extreme

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