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Nival Interactive rage on

Rage of Mages developers talk about their new 3D role-playing strategy game, "Evil Island : Curse Of The Lost Soul"

Russian developers Nival Interactive were, until now, best known for their "Rage of Mages" games, which met with a rather lukewarm reception and mixed reviews here in the west. Team leader Serge Orlovsky believes that the company has learnt its lessons though, and their new game "Evil Island : Curse Of The Lost Soul" is looking somewhat more impressive. With fetching 3D graphics and a branching storyline featuring 80 missions to take part in, it is a prequel of kinds to Rage of Mages. "The game events still take place in a world split into isolated islands floating in the astral halo, soon after the Great Catastrophe. Each of the islands is ruled and supported by a Great Mage. Some monsters and beasts that inhabited Rage of Mages found their 3D incarnation in Evil Islands."

But although the game shares its setting with Rage of Mages, Serge insists that "from every other point of view Evil Islands is a totally different game on a new and higher quality level". Evil Island's 3D engine is certainly looking far better than the rather primitive old school 2D graphics of their previous games, though Serge says that "the engine is like a tiny tail which accompanies a huge elephant". The game itself is something of an elephant, and is reportedly "simply huge compared to [the] previous two games", with over 100 hours of gameplay on offer. With the Russian and German versions of the game ready to roll, hopefully we should soon be able to find out for ourselves whether or not their game can live up to its potential this time...

Source - RPG Vault

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