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CPL Europe - take three

The all-new CPL Europe organisers have announced details of their first event, taking place in their native Germany

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has had a troubled history in Europe, with the original organisers behind the operation failing to live up to the standards of the American outfit, resulting in confusion and eventual collapse as a whole series of events were announced and then cancelled one by one due to an apparent lack of interest and funding. Originally seperate Scandinavian and French opens were planned, then a single event in the Danish city of Copenhagen, before eventually the whole operation shut down.

The all-new CPL Europe, run by Gamers Network, are hoping to put all of that behind them though as they relaunch the brand with a 600 player tournament in the German city of Köln, from December 8th to 10th. Featuring both Counter-Strike and Quake 3 Arena competitions, the event will be taking place at the Even Center Rheinauhafen. Exact details are still somewhat scant at this point, but stay tuned as we should know more soon hopefully...

Source - press release

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