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Square and Microsoft, sitting in a tree

But are they kissing? And is EA looking to join the party?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A couple of weeks ago we reported on how Final Fantasy creators and general RPG aficionados Squaresoft had been in possession of an Xbox XDK (development kit) since they had first become available, and speculated on just what the company was intending to do with it. We pointed to the possibility of FFIX (Square's first real online project), but in retrospect the thought of Xbox and PS2 players interlinking on quests is somewhat unlikely to impress Microsoft. So that leaves Final Fantasy X (a rather fitting title we thought), but now rumours are even pointing to FFXI, and seeing as Microsoft were apparently even contemplating the purchase of Square in whole, it looks as though the two are moving toward a more formal relationship all the time. The other interesting factoid in this little equation is now Electronic Arts, who of course now publish Square's titles in the USA. It's thought the company has been sympathetic to the Xbox cause for some time, and it's just possible that all three companies will be the subject of an official announcement in the near future. Stay tuned.

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