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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Latest Virgin release dates

Pizza Connection over-cooked? Original War loses time? Virtual Pool slipping? European Super League trapped in the scrum? We have all the latest UK release dates from Virgin...

Virgin's latest release schedule has just arrived, with the biggest surprise being how little has changed as we enter the final run-up to Christmas. Not only has the title of off-road racer "Screamer 4x4" remained the same for yet another week (maybe they just ran out of ideas - it's been renamed twice already), but even 3D real-time strategy game "War Torn" has managed to avoid slipping, and should appear in stores in the UK on Friday at a mid-range price of £19.99.

Not every game is set in stone though. The promising looking paleolithic real-time strategy game "Original War" has indulged in a spot of time travel by slipping a week to December 8th, and "Art of Magic" has wisely been delayed from an end of year December 29th release to some time in January. Meanwhile "Virtual Pool 3" has slipped a week to November 17th, "European Super League" has been pushed back a week to December 8th. Finally "Pizza Connection 2" has been pushed back two weeks to December 1st. With any luck this is to give the developers more time to cook it through, and it won't just appear clap cold in a soggy piece of cardboard...