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Console Releases

What's new for console owners this week in the UK..

This week offers a much more bountiful collection of games for console owners, with several long-awaited titles on both PlayStation and Dreamcast. Boy-racers can take advantage of the highly anticipated Ferrari F355 on the Dreamcast, and elsewhere on the console Virgin's Gigawing and Gunbird 2 are now available, with Street Fighter Third Strike and Super Runabout also making it to these shores. PlayStation owners are hardly left out to dry either, with Bomberman from Interplay as well as RPG Monster Rancher from Sony and Toy Story on Platinum. N64 owners will have to make do with Daffy Duck and GameBoy owners with Heroes of Might and Magic, but on the whole it's a good turnout just one week ahead of the PlayStation 2's release in Northern America. If you never got into Metal Gear Solid when it was originally released on the PlayStation and own a PC, now might be the time to consider giving this piece of gaming history a go as it's released on PC CD-Rom this morning. As for next week, Chaos Break from EON Digital which we saw at ECTS and Le Mans on the Dreamcast look to be of most interest. Update: Originally we had claimed Sega's "Metropolis Street Racer" was due for release today. Unfortunately, it seems that the overpaid chimps at our local Electronics Boutique will resort to lying to get their customers to visit the store. A typical conversation: "Hello, is M-SR out today mate?" "Yes Sir, come on down, we've got plenty of copies." Recommendation? We say shoot the lot of them.