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Harbringer running from scissors

Silverback talk about their origins and their forthcoming sci-fi role-playing game Harbringer

Amongst the annals of history some games truly stand out, marked in neon letters fifty feet high with the words "Do Not Touch"! One of the worst examples in recent years was the tasteless isometric action game "Postal", and so it perhaps comes as no surprise that the developers at Silverback, founded by former members of Postal developers Running With Scissors, are quick to deny any link to the game. "While some of us did work on minor parts of Postal, we are not the Postal team", lead programmer Andy Muir insists. "Truthfully, we had nothing to do with Postal's design, and little to do with its implementation."

In other words - "don't blame us, we didn't do it, you didn't see us do it, you can't prove it was us"... Luckily Silverback look set to compensate the gaming world for any slight role their members did have on Postal, with an imaginative sci-fi role-playing game called Harbringer currently in development. Set in a "dark and foreboding" world filled with strange aliens and futuristic technology, it's a far cry from Postal, and Andy Muir took time out from working on the game to explain what it's all about...

"In the beginning there was Harbinger. A warship unmatched in size or power, she leaves utter devastation in her wake. For the millions living in her belly, she is the only home they will ever know. Recovering from recent battles, she orbits an unnamed backworld while her miners strip its resources. Onboard, it's business as usual - the strong prey on the weak as warlords vie for control and prepare for battles to come. Against this background of conflict the player will battle his way off Harbinger and eventually uncover the secrets buried far beneath the surface of the planet below."

With a wide variety of optional sub-quests to carry out, over sixty different types of enemy to battle, and an event-driven storyline which will alter depending on the player's actions, giving multiple beginnings, middles and endings for the game, it's certainly sounding promising. Unlike the first person shooter sequel to Postal which we hear is currently being developed by their former employers at Running With Scissors. Oh dear...

Source - RPG Vault

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