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My Little Empire

Microsoft celebrates the year-long reign of Age of Empires II, and slashes prices .. again

Microsoft are justifiably smug about the performance of their medieval real-time strategy game "Age of Empires II : Age of Kings", which recently dropped out of the UK's top ten PC games chart for the first time since its launch a year ago on 23rd October 1999. With over 250,000 sales in the UK alone and fifty weeks in our top ten, it is now officially the longest running top ten title in PC gaming history on this side of the pond, and apparently missed out on yet another week in the charts by just 34 units...

In related news, Microsoft have announced that they are launching a cash-back offer on "Age of Empires II" as well as their popular "Flight Simulator 2000". Simply fill in the voucher found in game boxes here in the UK to claim back £10 on either title, or £15 on the more expensive "Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition", which includes extra aircraft and cities as well as an improved real-time weather system and an even more expansive manual, which should also double as a handy door-stop.