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Role-playing comes to your web browser

British developers SageSoft talk about Adellion, the only massively multiplayer role-playing game we can think of which runs from within your web browser!

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Massively multiplayer games are all the rage at the moment, but while most of them are huge sprawling affairs with sophisticated 3D graphics engines and all mod cons, British developers SageSoft are breaking the mould with "Adellion", a role-playing game which is based around VRML and runs from within your humble web browser! Before you all run for the hills screaming though, the sage of Adellion himself (aka Nathan Cukryznski) assures us that "we are doing our best to make sure that the stereotype of VRML (slow, laggy, ugly) is broken by our game".

As well as being the only massively multiplayer role-playing game that we can think of which runs in full 3D from within your web browser, Adellion is also fairly unique in that it has an entire political system which involves players in the running of the government of the land of Sala. In an interview with RPG Planet, Nathan explains that "all of the cultures will have their great leaders, and 99% of these will be actual players", adding that there will be a government which "will work like it would in real life - they will make laws, enforce justice, declare war, etc".

Of course, this could cause problems if a player elected to one of the game's councils decides to raise merry hell, but SageSoft are confident that these issues will sort themselves out. "If one member [of the council] becomes an anarchist then he will likely be kicked out and another chosen. However, if he went mad and started causing havoc, I imagine that civil war would erupt. You have to understand that Sala is built on honour and peace. When something or someone interferes with justice or what is 'right', Salanians are not going to be happy."

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