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Latest Codemasters release information

Major slippage for British publisher as Severance, World Championship Snooker and Operation Flashpoint are all pushed back

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While motor racing fans will be glad to hear that the aptly-named off-road racer "Insane" and the PC version of "Colin McRae Rally 2.0" are both still on track for November 24th and December 1st respectively, British publisher Codemasters has bad news for us when it comes to the rest of their impressive line-up. Worst offender is "Severance : Blade of Darkness", the gory third person fantasy action game from Spanish developers Rebel Act. Already in development for over three years, the game's release has now been pushed back from December 1st to some time in February 2001.

Meanwhile the highly promising Cold War action-strategy game "Operation Flashpoint" has changed from a vague "First Quarter" to a not so vague "April" 2001, and "World Championship Snooker" has been pushed back from early November to December 1st. On the console front, fans of the original Playstation have "Price Naseem Boxing" to look forward to on November 3rd, giving you the chance to pummel people's heads in while wearing a pair of poncy leopard skin shorts, and the aptly named "LMA Manager 2001" should appear on shelves on Friday 26th January 2001.

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