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Hollow Victory for Asheron's Call players

Another month, another Dereth-shattering event hits the world of massively multiplayer role-playing game Asheron's Call

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Although the game boasts the best graphics of the last generation of massively multiplayer role-playing games, a vast feudal system to become involved in, and thousands of regular players to adventure alongside, perhaps the biggest draw for Microsoft's "Asheron's Call" are the monthly updates. These not only add new content and features, but also create an on-going storyline for the game, which can quite literally change the entire world overnight. Recently players have seen the towns of Arwic and Tufa reduced to rubble, while strange "shadow spires" still hover in the air near many other towns.

A new chapter called "Hollow Victory" was opened this week, with a mysterious new city being discovered, along with extensive dungeons hidden beneath it. And with halloween coming, pumpkin pie, monster masks and jack-o-lanterns are to be found everywhere, while strange scarecrows appear in the countryside. Oh, and the "white rabbit" is once again the most lethal and downright nasty rodent you ever set eyes on, thanks to a recent campaign by Asheron's Call players to get the bunny, inspired by a scene from Monty Python's "Holy Grail" movie, returned to its rightful place as the most powerful creature in Dereth. It's a strange world...

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