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Latest EON Digital release dates

New UK release dates for "Airfix Dogfighter", "Crime Cities" and the rest of EON's line-up

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New British publisher EON Digital has an impressive starting line-up, and today we got an update on when to expect their initial selection of PC games to appear on shelves. First up will be "Crime Cities" on October 27th, a bizarre mixture of Fifth Element flying cars and Grand Theft Auto style criminal activities. The novel looking flight sim "Airfix Dogfighter", due for release on November 3rd, should prove popular with the kids, both the youngsters and those who just haven't grown up yet. Finally (for this year at least) there is real-time strategy game "Mission Humanity", now due November 24th.

Next year's line-up from EON will include the 3D real-time strategy sequel "Z2" from the Bitmap Brothers, which is still expected early next year, although apparently the team are currently busy arguing over what the final title of the game will be... As soon as we hear what the final decision is, we'll let you know. In the meantime, for a comprehensive list of over a hundred games due for release over the next year, check EuroGamer's UK release date list.

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