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Latest Fox Interactive release dates

All the latest news on "No One Lives Forever", "Sanity : Aiken's Artifact" and the rest of Fox's line-up

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Fox Interactive (whose games are currently distributed by Electronic Arts in the UK) sent us an update on their schedule for the rest of the year. Monolith's 3D action role-playing game "Sanity : Aiken's Artifact" is now due on November 3rd, while Monolith's other game, the kitsch 007 parody "No One Lives Forever" staring special agent Cate Archer, is expected on December 8th, just in time for Christmas. Fox's other big game is "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", a third person action-adventure game based on the cult TV series about a high school girl who seems to spend most of her spare time slaughtering blood sucking creatures of the night... For all the latest information on over a hundred titles due for release over the next year, check EuroGamer's comprehensive UK release date list.

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